Suchitra Mattai

Born in Guyana, Los Angeles-based artist Suchitra Mattai received an MFA in painting and drawing and an MA in South Asian art, both from the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. She has exhibited her work in Philadelphia, New York City, Washington, D.C., Minneapolis, Denver, Austin, as well as in Berlin, London, and Wales. Recent and upcoming projects include work for the Denver Art Museum/SkyHouse Denver, and solo exhibitions at the Center for Visual Arts, Metropolitan State University and K Contemporary Art, both in Denver, and GrayDuck Gallery, Austin.

While Mattai’s practice includes a wide range of materials and ideas, her primary focus is on the role of land and environment in the creation of identity.  She incorporates cultural artifacts in the landscapes she portrays in an effort to alter the scenes’ original meanings. Through painting, drawing, collage, installation, video, and sculpture, she weaves narratives of  “an other,” invoking fractured sites and reclaiming historically rich objects, many of which suggest a colonial past or domestic purpose.

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