Kristen Hatgi Sink

Kristen Hatgi Sink was born in 1984 in Denver, Colorado, where she currently lives and works. She earned a BFA at the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Her work has been exhibited at venues across the country and abroad, including at the  Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, the Denver Art Museum, the Japanese Paper Museum Ino, and Cohju Contemporary Art.

Kristen Hatgi Sink creates work through photographic mediums, installation, and performance. She uses natural materials such as milk, honey, and plants, at times to create beautifully opulent images and, at others, to highlight their natural erosion and devolution. Inspired by the aesthetics of 17th Century Dutch still-lives, contemporary fashion, and the natural world, her work often scrutinizes expressions of luxury and privilege both literally and conceptually.

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